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"Charming Fairy Tales by Zoi Linska.
Winter Stories"

The Christmas Magic

chapter 1

This story is about a little girl who loves to dream and be up in the clouds. But unfortunately she does not like walking under the clouds, especially if it is snowing or the weather is not so sunny. But all have changed in one fairy day.

On frosty Christmas morning the fluffy clouds were floating slowly across the sky. Little Alice put her cheeks on the fists and the elbows on the window sill, and with dreamy eyes she watched the huge flakes of cotton candies go. "If I only could reach them by hand, or use the ladder, - thought the girl, - I would get the crayons and create a looot of sweety balls. I will roll so many of them and be sharing with everybody on the street, or, perhaps, will eat everything by myself." And these thoughts made the sweetest smile on her baby face.

chapter 2

Meanwhile, on the one of the floating cloud the preparation for the coming Snow Ball was under way. Snowflake flew into a huge hall with painted columns and elongated mirrors. Her friend and also dance partner Snowy was standing near one of the columns. He was quite nervous because of the snow was about to start any minute. Today they will be dancing slow waltz. The couples were repeated their dance movements, the musicians were tuning their instruments.

– You are as always late, I almost became icy, – Snowy muttered shaking off little pieces of ice from his blue and white costume. – I could fly away to the ground too soon!

– Forgive me, please – murmured apologetically Snowflake. – I've been looking for my dress belt and did not notice how time flew so fast. I did not find it and I look like Frosty the snowman. Now I feel ugly. But hey! Let’s take our places in the ballroom! – Hand in hand they went to the center.

How did the participants of the Ball look like? The girls dresses were blue and white, their heads adorned with silver snowflakes a nd on their feet were glass slippers. The dresses decorating patterns were never repeated, and had a great number of small parts, that exactly copied pieces on the crowns and diadems. All clothes were unique. What can we say about the dance partners? They were all as one, dressed in white pants and shirts, bluish cumbersome vests that looked like curly clouds, also they were wearing the curly caps. Next to the elegant snowflakes their partners looked a little bit ridiculous, but what can we do, they had such kind of a fashion on the Cloud.

Finally, the ball started. Snowflake and Snowy were looking at each other and with the first sound of the waltz they whirled over the dance floor. Everybody moved synchronously and melodiously. Soon the huge gates opened and participants of the Snow Ball were caught up by an unseen force and gradually moved into the airspace.

"| If the snow comes down then it can even come in to visit me?

chapter 3

A bright light of the sun suddenly peered out from between the clouds and made Alice narrow her lids. At the same time, the picture painted by the child's fantasy dispelled, and the sensation of sweetness in the mouth disappeared too. After a moment, the girl was able to open her eyes and what she saw seemed incredibly beautiful to her. Snowflakes were floating in the air, as if they were carried out by some dance moves, shimmering and glittering in the sun like little sparks. Alice thought she even heard barely audible clink that reminded her the crystal stones ringing sound.

Suddenly, the pair of snowflakes landed on the window directly in front of the girl, so Alice could see them properly. And then the baby started to dream again a fantasy picture. Little girl thought out loud:
– I am just wondering, it is said that snow comes down? If it is so, then it's got legs, and maybe even the hands and the head. If the snow comes down so it can even come in to visit me for tea and cakes. – And now with help of her imagination the girl created from those snowflakes the little people! – We would definitely be friends! We would play in the yard. And yes, they would be for me as a brother and sister!

Only Alice said that as the incredible happened! There were two little men outside the window, each has the size of a tomtit. According to their appearance it can be understood that it's a girl and a boy. But somehow the children's strange costumes surprised Alice more than the fact of their appearance.

chapter 4

Instantly inflamed curiosity made Alice lean on her hands to the window so close to it that on the cold glass remained sweat after her breath.
– This girl can see us, - said Snowflake, barely recovering after the miraculous transformation.
– We are now just like people – muttered Snowy while running an eye over Snowflake. - Well, maybe, in a mini version. – He looked at his arms, than at the enormous on his opinion palm of Alice.

Since for Alice it was forbidden to open the windows by herself, and she was very anxious to meet with tiny guests, the girl quickly began to gather outside.
– Mom, I am going to play in the yard! – Alice's voice sounded with merry notes.
– Oh, I hear you are in a good mood! Ten minutes ago I could not pull you out. – Gladly noticed Mom helping daughter to cope with winter clothing. – And do not protrude your sweet turned-up nose outside the yard!
Mom was making dinner in the kitchen and from time to time glancing into the courtyard through the huge panoramic windows.

Snowflake and Snowy wanted to hide somewhere, but Martha the cat hindered their plan. Sauntering through the courtyard she could not afford to miss these window "tomtits". Just a few jumps and cat could attack them. Snowy shielded with his body Snowflake and heroically waved with a small twig to the licking Martha's face. But to the little men’s great delight Alice ran up and shooed this huge beast away.

– You are so pretty! I am Alice, let's be friends! – The girl pulled on fluffy gloves, she was afraid to hurt little guests with the warmth of her hands. Alice cupped hands and gently removed new friends out of window apron.
Tiny people realized that with Alice they are in safe. They told the girl about their life in the clouds. Snowy told about adventures in countries they had visited. Snowflake in all colors described how the Snow Ball members were dressed, and even did not forget to tell about her lost belt. – Snowflake, you have a very nice dress, but it really would be better with belt! – Alice took little red ribbon from off her braid and tied it around the waist of her guest. – That is far better! High five! – Alice held up her hand to Snowflake and she gave her a barely perceptible touch. But it was enough to make Alice feel a strong burning feeling. Alice's fears have panned out, her new friends do not tolerate heat.

I am in doubt how to proceed! – thought Alice. She cannot pick up guests home because there is warm inside. And the idea to leave new friends outside was just unbearable.

And then a miracle happened. Very close appeared a sparkling cloud making gentle crackling noise. A moment later the sparks vanished and in the same place a little fairy came out of the blue, she was floating in the air and guiltily looked at the children.

"| Hi, friends. My name is La-La.
I was named in honor of note la!

chapter 5

How did Alice realize that it was exactly real fairy? All is simple. The fairy looked like the most common fairies of the fairy tales. She was very beautiful blonde with curly hair, pixie ears, blue long dress and of course translucent wings.
– It's my fault that you plumped into the earth... – said Fairy. – But I'm still not a real magician, I'm just learning. And I really want to help fix it.

The name of fairy-student was La-la. She told everyone that she is named in honor of the note la, and she was proud of that. But soon Alice guessed the real reason for such a strange name. When Fairy La-la was happy about something, she always was singing a song "la-la".
– I thought that you exist only in fairy tales! – Alice enthusiastically turned to the Fairy La-la.
– Let it be known to you young lady! We, the fairies, have a very important and responsible job here. Although it is forbidden for us to be visible for people, and we make children's wishes come true. But not the year round, only on the eve of the big holidays. Especially we love Christmas.
– What about Santa? He brings presents, doesn't he? – said Alice incredulously to the little fairy.
– Yes he does! But there are also those dreams that you cannot buy, make or sew. Every kid has a fairy Godmother and she finds out the cherished desires of children, and the magic power of Christmas helps to make wishes come true. Today, therefore, can come true even the most incredible wish.
– So you're the Fairy Godmother of Alice! – asked Snowy.
– am a student of the Alice's Fairy Godmother and this is my first Christmas! Actually, my first creation of the wish accomplishment. Alice, what are you dreaming about?
– I want a ski. Oh, this is what I've asked Santa in my letter. – After a slight pause Alice added – But honestly, I have long-held dream. I want a baby brother and sister.
– And your Fairy Godmother knows about it, she told me. But I do not know how to make this wish come true. At the very moment when the Snowflake and Snowy landed, I overheard your thoughts and found the solution! So your new friends Snowflake and Snowy became alive. But the problem is that neither I nor your Fairy Godmother can undo the transformation. But, you still can fix it! Today is Christmas! – said Fairy La-la.
– So how can we come back to our world of snow? – Snowflake asked in disbelief.
– I still do not know exactly, but the Fairy Godmother said we should comply the letter advice! – replied Fairy La-la and got a small scroll with scribbles.

chapter 6

Friends wanted to know what was encrypted in this scroll. And there was written the following:

My Dear Goddaughter Alice!
It is only in your power to return Snowflake and Snowy back to home on the Cloud.
You just need stand before the Christmas tree, close your eyes and say three times: "Go back to the Snow World!"
But there is one condition: you have to want it badly enough!
Kisses. Your Fairy Godmother.

– Now we know what we should do, but where can we get the Christmas tree? We cannot come home and my mom does not allow me go outside the yard. Can we make the magic without Christmas tree? – Alice looked at Fairy La-la.
– I think that tree is absolutely necessary. After all, it is a symbol of Christmas. It will give a magical power to your dream. Now everything depends on you.

At that moment Alice remembered that dad has planted a small Christmas tree in the yard this autumn. She led her friends to this tree and shook off the snow.
– Will this tree be OK?
– Of course! Let us decorate it with balls of snow. Hurry up! – said Snowy, and immediately began to sculpt big balls and Snowflake helped him to make smaller balls.
– And I will decorate it with garlands of gold and silver stars, such Christmas magic is within my power! – And Fairy La-la started singing her la-la song for joy.
Friends have worked hard. The fir was still quite small, but it has already become a real Christmas tree.

Alice was so busy and did not notice how time flew so fast.
– Alice, go home, the lunch is ready! – Mom looked out of the window. – Wow! What a beautiful Christmas tree. It is necessary to take a picture of it. I am coming now.
Alice realized that they must do something immediately!
– Snowflake, just remember that beauty is not outside, it's inside, my mother always says it. Of course with a red belt you look great! Snowy, you are strong and brave, just look how big and beautiful balls you have made for Christmas tree, and you was not afraid of Martha the cat. Please, protect Snowflake! I'll miss you! – She said happily.
– With every snow fall we'll be coming to you! Just go play snowballs outside more often, and we'll be playing with you – Snowflake and Snowy by turn embraced the big finger of Alice, even though it was in a mitten, Alice still felt the friendly embrace.

Alice closed her eyes and said: "Go back to the Snow World! Go back to the Snow World! Go back to the Snow World!" And Alice wanted it so badly, that desire had no other choice than to come true. She felt soft wind blowing and opened her eyes, the little people have gone. "So, – thought Alice, – they should be at home." And at that moment she heard the sound of door opening, this was her Mom coming out. Around the Fairy La-la appeared sparkling cloud again.

– I will be making visits to you! Oh, and I forgot to say that your dream will come true soon! – said Fairy La-la and at the same moment was gone. – Thank you! - said Alice after, but it was too late.
– What are you thankful for, Alice? – Mom just came to her daughter. Did not get the answer, she began to look at unusual garland – What beautiful stars. I wonder what they are made of?
– Of Christmas magic. – said Alice and hugged tightly her mom.

chapter 7

Alice was sitting at the window in her room and for the thousandth time looking at the photo in a beautiful wooden frame. Alice immersed in the memories, she was drawing with her finger on the photo following the contours of the garlands on the Christmas tree and happy that Mom got her to take a picture.

As in that Christmas morning the clouds were slowly floating on the sky and Alice was dreaming up: "Oh, these are not just clouds these are balloons. That one is an elephant, and that is a turtle. Yes, I have the whole zoo here. And that small cloud looks like our Martha the cat." And then the girl's imagination created the cloud knight Snowy near the cloud cat. The knight heroically was fighting for Snowflake Princess life with a huge beast Martha.

Now every time when it snows, Alice happily walks on the street, hoping to meet her old friends. And even when it is not sunny, such weather does not upset her because she knows exactly that somewhere on the top of the Snow World Snowflake and Snowy are waving with their tiny hands. And after this thought sunny mood appears.

Suddenly, Alice heard the light crackle sound, she looked around, but she saw nothing but the frame with a photo lying on the floor. When Alice lifted the frame she immediately noticed that the picture has changed. Snowflake with red belt, Snowy and even Fairy La-la toys appeared on the Christmas tree.
– Are you getting naughty again, fairy-student? – dramatically said Alice with a stern tone of voice, actually she was very happy. Alice was a bit angry with Fairy La-la, as she had promised to come sometime, but for the whole year fairy had never appeared. The girl had forgotten that it is strictly forbidden for fairies to appear on people's eyes.

– Alice, are you going for a walk with the boys? – mom peered into the room.
– Of course, Mommy! – And addressing the Fairy La-la on the photo she said – I think you misunderstood me, because having two brothers it is very good, they are funny, soon they will grow up and be playing football, but who will play the dolls with me?

Zoi Linska. December 2016.

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